About the services of Hosting
With the service of hosting  such as cheapest vps hosting windows, a leasing of space in servers for Web sites is obtained, e-mails, blogs, data base, all associate to a domain in Internet and without investing in hardware, cheap dedicated windows server hosting and dedicated personal software nor.

CheapWebHostingInfo offers to its clients the lodging in its own cheap vps cloud hosting servers installed in Chile. stability and security to its email, website and MySQL data bases. This way You delegate in CheapWebHostingInfo the technical and human requirements necessary to have outstanding presence in Internet to a minimum cost.

Table of Comparison Hosting Plans
How Registry my Domain in Internet?
For domains under hierarchy .CL, the inscription one is due to realise in NIC Chile.
For domains under hierarchy .COM, .ORG, .NET and .WS, exist several alternatives, between which we can emphasize:  NetworkSolutions.com or Register.com. In case a client asks for the registry of the name of his domain, it will actually be better if they use unlimited hosting plans but the same will be registered to its name and delegate the servers of CheapWebHostingInfo. This proceeding is realised without cost (*) and delays between 24 and 72 hours, without entering the time that delays the recording organization of the name of domain in updating its operation.

(*) Only for clients who contract to services of Web hosting and mailhosting

Which are the servers of names of CheapWebHostingInfo?
Primary servant of Names
Name host ns.cheapwebhostinginfo.com
Direction IP
Secondary servant of Names
Name host secundario.cheapwebhostinginfo.com
Direction IP
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