The service of hosting allows our clients to count on a website, e-mail, blogs, data base and domain in Internet the 24 hours by day without needing realising investments in hardware, specialized personal software nor.

CheapWebHostingInfo offers the leasing of its own cheap vps hosting servers installed in datacenters in Chile, specialized in granting stability, trustworthiness and security to its website, e-mail and data bases. This way the client focuses himself in his own business and delegates in CheapWebHostingInfo the technical and human requirements necessary to have an outstanding presence in Internet to a minimum cost.

Supplies Web Hosting:

Plan MyHost Linux

Oriented to independent or small businesses that need a simple webpage in Linux, and with e-mails (without data base):

  • Hosting Linux disc Apache PHP 200MEGABYTE for website
  • Webmail MailHosting 10 50 Post office Megabyte c/u
  • MailHosting antiSpam anti-virus Antispam/Antivirus and Webmail
  • Hosting PHP Perl Has supported PHP5/Perl
  • Hosting cgi Monthly Traffic 10 GB

$ 59,800 to the year

MyHost plan Windows

Oriented to small businesses that need a simple webpage in Microsoft Windows without data base, and with e-mail

  • Disc Microsoft ASP .NET 200MEGABYTE for website
  • Webmail Mailhosting Anti-virus Antispam Antispam/Antivirus and Webmail
  • Windows Monthly Traffic 10 GB
  • ASP.NET Has supported WebPay (Electronic Commerce Transbank)

$ 55,200 by semester

$ 89,700 per year

Standard plan Linux Hosting Linux RedHat and SUSE

Oriented to companies that need data bases MySQL, programming PHP, in addition to mail and webpages. Ideal for portals of contents (CMS) as Joomla or WordPress

  • Linux Apache MySQL PHP PostgreSQL 500MEGABYTE hard disk for website
  • PHP MySQL Has supported PHP5/Perl
  • MySQL PostgreSQL 1 Base de Datos MySQL 5/PostgreSQL
  • phpMyAdmin So large PgAdmin Data base 50MEGABYTE
  • Ideal Joomla WordPress for portals (CMS) Joomla WordPress Moodle Drupal
  • Control Panel MySQL PostgreSQL Has supported PHPMyAdmin and PgAdmin
  • Webmail mailhosting 20 50 Post office Megabyte c/u
  • Qmail Postfix spamassassin clamav drweb amavis Antispam/Antivirus and WebMail
  • Linux PHP MySQL Monthly Traffic 15 GB
  • CMS Joomla WordPress PHP5 MySQL5 Reporte from visits to the website

$ 138,000 to the year

 Plan Standard Professional Windows

Oriented to companies that need data bases Express Microsoft SQL Server 2008, ASP and ASP.NET on Internet Information Server, in addition to e-mail and webmail

  • ASP .NET 300MEGABYTE hard disk for website
  • Framework ASP.NET ASP.NET
  • SQL Server 1 Base de Datos MS SQL Server 2008 Express or Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL So large Server Data base 100MEGABYTE
  • ASPSmartMail ASPSmartUpload CDO IIS ASPSmartMail/ASPSmartUpload
  • Hosting DotNetNuke Has supported CMS DotNetNuke
  • Webmail mailhosting 15 50 Post office Megabyte c/u
  • Antispam mail Anti-virus Antispam/Antivirus and Webmail
  • ASP Framework Reporte from visits to the website
  • Windows Server Monthly Traffic 20 GB
  • Paypal Webpay electronic commerce WebPay Support (Electronic Commerce Transbank)


$ 120,750 by semester
$ 241,500 per year

Professional Hosting Tomcat

Oriented clients who need to operate their developments in Java (J2EE) in servers Tomcat 6, using data bases MySQL or PostgreSQL. It includes service email.

  • Tomcat 500MEGABYTE hard disk for website
  • Shared Java Tomcat Servidor Tomcat 6
  • MySQL Tomcat 1 Base de Datos MySQL 5/PostgreSQL
  • So large PostgreSQL Tomcat Data base 80MEGABYTE
  • JSP 10 60 Post office Megabyte c/u
  • Webmail Antispam/Anti-virus and webmail
  • J2EE Monthly Traffic 20 GB
  • Tomcat6 Reporte from visits to the website

$ 138,000 by semester

$ 253,000 to the year

Advanced Hosting Tomcat

Oriented to companies that Tomcat servers need for productive developments with Servlets Java (J2EE), using data bases MySQL, PostgreSQL in addition to services e-mail and webmail. Modality shared servant.

  • Tomcat Java 1,0 GB hard disk for website
  • Tomcat 6 JSP JVM Tomcat 6 for Servlets Java and JSP
  • MySQL Sandstone 1 Base MySQL Data 5/PostgreSQL
  • Data base So large Data base 150MEGABYTE
  • Email 20 60 Post office Megabyte c/u
  • Antispam Antispam/Anti-virus and webmail
  • Traffic Monthly Traffic 30 GB
  • Report visits Report from visits to the website

$ 207,000 by semester 

$ 373,750 to the year


For companies that require exclusively the service of e-mail administered by professionals dedicated to the corporative mail:
webmail Webmail [mail Web]

Control Panel Control Panel Plesk using interface Web: he allows to directly manage the creation, update or elimination of squares, alias of post office, changes of keys, to redimension the size of each mailbox, to reshape antiSpam and anti-virus

  • Uptime Hosting 99,9% Availability and continuity of the service [Uptime] 24x7 all day all the year
  • Security SSL/TLS Soportar safe communication [SSL and TLS]
  • Groupware Work groups [Groupware]
  • Calendar Web Calendar via Web
  • Antispam Spamassassin Antispam (support ready black, RBL, Bayes, Razor, DCC)
  • Phishing anti-virus Anti-virus to control malware
  • POP3 IMAP Protocols POP3/IMAP (normal/surely)
  • Outlook Express Has supported Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird
  • Ready list of Contacts of Contacts
  • Blackberry PDA iphone Support iPhone and PDA Palm Pilot
  • Service of Mailhosting WebMail Antispam and Antivirus


It consults details according to number of mailboxes…

Standard Webhosting

They are the election adapted for people or small businesses that begin to introduce themselves in Internet with simple and functional needs; Plans Standard Linux and Estándar Linux Extra


Professional Webhosting

They allow to provide with accomodations dynamic and safe websites, oriented to the medians and great companies that need to implement their solution e-business. It can be in platform Linux and Microsoft Windows, with languages such as PHP, Perl, ASP, Data bases Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and technologies .NET)


Adapted for people, students, or micro companies that begin to introduce in Internet without specific technical needs nor outposts. From $ 59,800 pesos

Dedicated servers

For special projects we counted on datacenter to offer dedicated server services in modality colocation (servers of exclusive dedication and property of Hostingpro) or services housing (servers of property of the client provided with accomodations in the data to center). Limitless traffic, Linux SUSE or RedHat, Microsoft Windows Server, Sun Solaris, Streaming.

FTP Hosting

Plans of webfolders (folders Web) for storage, endorsement and recovery of archives of remote way.


Professional plans of corporative mail, with webmail and Control Panel available the 24 hours, every day of the year, being able the own client to discharge the low from the hospital or to the post-office boxes. Plans with Antispam and Antivirus, as much for iPhone devices as Android.


All the Components support domains .COM, .NET, .ORG, .TV, .WS and .CL -
The prices of the plans do not include the value of the inscription of the domain - the prices include IVA
In order to acquire Chilean domains it accedes to NIC Chile or international domains in Networks Solutions
Please, not to send Spam (not wished massive mail) to emails of