Plan Professional Hosting Tomcat (TOM-001)  

500 Megabyte of Space in Hard disk to provide with accomodations website
Tomcat 6 (Shared Servant) for Servelts Java WAR JSP
Access Base Data MySQL 5 or PostgreSQL with 1 usuary administrator
So large Base additional 80 Data Megabyte to website
Support for Frameworks Struts or JSF
1 Cuenta de Administrador for FTP
10 Squares Mail with 60 Megabyte each mailbox
WebMail interface (mail Web)
Antispam and Antivirus
Access mail via POP3/IMAP4 for Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird
10 Alias of E-mail
10 Autorespondedores (vacation notice)
Control Panel Plesk to administer mail accounts
Hosting for a Domain [+]
Redireccionamiento for 1 additional Domain
Monthly traffic 20GB
Limitless access FTP
Endorsement of Monthly Information
Panel Control Base Data phpMyAdmin
Report from visits to the website
Support by e-mail

[+] does not include purchase of domain Internet in a registry as NIC Chile or another international

$ 138,000 IVA Including
Plan Semester Value

$ 253,000 IVA Including
Plan Annual Value
Forms of payment: Counted or documented
with 2 checks (0, 30 days)

Form of contact