We are a company leader in Web solutions hosting in Internet and electronic commerce for Chile. Corporations, Small and medium businesses (PYME's), energy companies, commercial, professional and enterprising stores independent are part of the clients who provide with accomodations in our servers with than 16 years of experience more verified, conforming therefore the greater network of websites of high availability in Chile that guarantee our professional prestige. The service of lodging Web (in English Web is known as hosting) allows to arrange in Internet of an electronic system to be able to store information, images, sound, video, or any accessible content via Web, Mail and Multimedia. The Web Hosts or companies of Hosting is those that provide this digital space in a servant, allowing to the visitors worldwide to be able to accede through the Internet network to these contents at any moment that are required. This way the client delegates in a specialized supplier all the technical and human complexity necessary to count on a domain, mail and website in Internet the 24 hours of the day, all this to a minimum cost.

Our work party is conformed by professionals of Engineering in Computation and Computer science to more than 16 years of experience in great companies, outlining the services to the high technical quality: optical fiber connections (FO), servers of high availability (IT HAS) with support in Apache, Tomcat, IIS, ASP, .NET, SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, JAVA, Angular, JSP, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Moodle, phpMyAdmin, pgAdmin, iptables, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Magento, rooms of servers of high level (Datacenters), professional security systems (filter of contents, firewalls, gateways and relays of antiSpam and anti-virus, scanning of security, etc.), preventive and incidental technical support, servers in rack of high efficiency (Dell PowerEdge, disc Cisco, adjustments RAID, discs SAS (SCSI 3), double cards of network, sources of being able superfluous, etc), systems of endorsements, operational continuity, quality on watch and many continuous improvements that are realised day to day.