The technology of virtual servers (VPS) or best cheap vps hosting allows the clients to have a servant of exclusive use to install its atmosphere of customized production completely. Each virtual machine account with dedicated and controlled ram memory, CPU and hard disk from a software of central administration (VMware/XenServer) that allows to isolate the resources for each client in this way, obtaining exclusive feature and minor dependency of third parties. The own client has the faculty to install applications, software directly, to fit his configuration every time she needs it without asking for it to support. In addition he can ask for to the area of Support the resumption of the vps hosting low cost the times that need it. Not only that we are offering those services, we are also offering dedicated server ip for you. We also have web hosting with unlimited storage that is very useful because then you dont have to worry about your stoarage usage because it will be unlimited.
Plan name VPS-B01 VPS-B02 VPS-B03
Ram memory 512 Megabyte 1024 MEGABYTE (1,0GB) 1536 MEGABYTE (1,5GB)
CPU or the Cores available 01 01 01
Space Hard disk 15 GB 30 GB 60 GB
Maximum Monthly Traffic 10 GB 30 GB 50 GB
Operating system
Providing Linux services Linux Linux
Support E-mail, Telephone 8x5 E-mail, Telephone 8x5 E-mail, Telephone 8x5
Endorsement VPS 1 monthly image or snapshot 1 monthly image or snapshot 1 monthly image or snapshot
Form of payment Monthly Monthly Monthly
Contract Semester Semester Semester
Monthly cost $55,200 IVA including $78,200 IVA including $115,000 IVA including
Discount 5% by advance annual payment 5% by advance annual payment 5% by advance annual payment


Observations Hosting VPS:

1. Microsoft systems to ask for quote
2. Additional service of Administration, Lack ferocity, Update and Security has a cost of 3 UF more monthly IVA (2 sessions of 1 hour each)
3. Other plans and specifications are due to quote additionally
4. Special discounts for contracts from 12 months
5. Optional with additional cost:

a. Increase in number of CORE (CPU)
b. Increase ram memory
c. Increase Space in Hard disk
d. Increase of Traffic maximum month

Table of Comparison Plans of Hosting


All the Components support domains .COM, .NET, .ORG, .TV, .WS and .CL -
The prices of the plans do not include the value of the inscription of the domain - the prices include IVA
In order to acquire Chilean domains it accedes to NIC Chile or international domains in Networks Solutions