To form Thunderbird v10.0.2

Step 1: It initiates Thunderbird, and in the menu “Tools”, does click in “Configuration of account”.
Step 2: It clicks in “Operations on the account” and in “Adding mail account…” in order to open the Assistant.
Step 3: In the page they will appear 3 pictures that are due to fill which are the following: “Its name” writes its name as it wishes that all the adressees of their messages of e-mail see it”. “Email address” writes e-mail account”. “Password” the password that was given by the administrator”. Soon it presses “To continue” and it would begin Search the configuration. Once finished it presses “Config. manual”.
Step 4: We must verify that the configuration where it appears “Name of user” must be position the mail in complete form and not only the name. Furthermore where it indicates “Entrant” and “Projection” it must appear “”. The e-mail can be formed as POP3 or IMAP we will concentrate in the “POP3”, if it appears “IMAP” we selected the drop-down list and we changed them by POP3. It is important that in the ports it appears in the servant of 995 “Incoming” mail and “Exit” 465, “SSL” to change to “SSL/TLS” and in “Identification” to change to “Password based” in both. Once published the configuration we selected “To create account”.
Step 5: It will appear the screen “To add security exception” we marked with a ticket the picture “To keep this exception permanently” and soon we pressed “To confirm security exception”.
Step 6: It will appear the initial screen but it would show to us that the account has been created Selected “servant configuration” and reviewed that this whole just as the image”.
Step 7: Already verified the configuration of the “Servant of exit (SMTP) “and it must be in the same way that image appears in completes it.”.